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  • Is your business overwhelmed by paper?
  • Do you commit resources to storing paper files and spend time filing, searching and retrieving these?

Unquestionably paper documents are bulky. They take up physical space that could be put to better use. Filing paper documents away takes time as does retrieving them.

The Solution?

A Document Scanning Solution, namely ei/Trax Document Scanning Software. With ei/Trax, you can scan your documents and store, index and manage your files electronically.

ei/Trax Document Scanning Software

ei/Trax Document Scanning software has been built to take care of all of your Document Management needs. It is a completely scalable solution which is why ei/Trax has been installed in a wide range of business from sole traders to Multi Nationals. With ei/Trax installed and in operation you will quickly realise the resources you were wasting before you started scanning and managing your documents electronically and how much more efficient the administration of your business becomes.

What can ei/Trax Store?

ei/Trax Document Scanning Software can handle all sorts of paper documents and turn them into an electronic format. Consider the vast amount of paper within your organisation: Invoices, Contracts, Presentations, Reports, Drawings etc. The list goes on. Organising and then accessing these documents in an efficient manner is at best difficult and depending on the size of your organisation, nearly impossible - certainly resource heavy and inefficient. Our Document Scanning and document management solutions slash the resources required to manage documents and the efficiencies gained from implementing an electronic document management system will be quickly realised.

High Speed Document Scanners

Enterprise Imaging Systems offer a range of Document Scanners from leading scanner manufacturers including Fujitsu, Ricoh and Cannon. These are the most popular models we sell although we can source other scanners and offer them to you at heavily discounted prices. Just contact us for more information.

Request a Free Trial

Why not trial the TRAX Document Management System for free. We will provide you with a stand-alone computer, a scanner and the TRAX document management system software and let you make up your own mind if our Document Management Software is for you. Call us on 01 866 5667 or fill out our online request form.