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TRAX Accounts Payable Automation

TRAX Accounts Payable Automation is a complete document management software for accounts payable automated process from Enterprise Imaging Systems developed with years of experience through customer interaction and ERP integration.

What is Accounts Payable Automation?

Accounts Payable Automation relates to the technology used to minimise human intervention and eliminate error-prone tasks from the accounts payable processes by streamlining and automating those processes and therefor providing better transparency and control over critical financial data. This is achieved by employing accounts payable software combined with an online business network that links trading partners digitally.

AP Automation provides:

TRAX Document Management - Save time and money

Fast Invoice Approvals

Any error is detected and fixed prior to submission and invoice information is electronically sent to the approvers inbox.

TRAX Accounts Payable Automation - Fast Invoice Approvals
TRAX Accounts Payable Automation - On time Payments

On-time Payments

Due to faster invoice approvals, all the payment data is registered and saved in timely fashion. Payments can be scheduled and sent on the authorised date allowing for better cash flow management and capture of early payment discounts.

TRAX Document Management - Save time and money

Greater Visibility

With this online payment network system, suppliers can easily track all their invoices and payment status themselves.

TRAX Accounts Payable Automation - Greater Visibility

TRAX Accounts Payable Automation brings greater effiency and effectiveness to the whole payable process, along with better transparency, significantly reducing the risk of fraud, and providing important cost savings for a company by cutting costs and errors.

From extracting purchase invoices from emails to automatically processing them directly into an accounts system with added workflow approval, TRAX Accounts Payable Automation solution does it all in just 5 quick steps...

1 Extracts supplier invoices and adds them to TRAX AP window.

2 Reads the information from the invoice.

3 Verifies invoice details.

4 Sends the data for approval within TRAX or through email.

5 Outputs all information to the ERP system.

Some of the integrations include: