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Virtual Cabinet

Virtual Cabinet is a fully integrated document management system with full version control and audit trail to provide peace of mind for those wishing to destroy their paperwork and create a paperless office while adhering to standards for legal admissibility.

Virtual Cabinet provides a secure document store with many additional search facilities enabling your document to be found more easily. It integrates fully with back office systems and has the ability to simply link all forms of electronic files back to the client record.

It provides routing facilities for scanned documents through user in trays, enabling distribution of scanned data around your organisation and has exclusive remote scanning facilities for those wishing to scan whilst using hosted or thin client solutions.

Virtual Cabinet enables your company to control all documents, share information, increase productivity and archive securely with an instant return on investment

Document Portal

The Virtual Cabinet document portal acts as a mechanism for secure document storage, sharing, distribution and workflow between companies and individuals.

OK, but what does that mean to me?

To answer this, let’s think of the scenarios available to us at present: To communicate or collaborate on documents with your clients, two methods are most likely being used - post or e-mail. Whilst the latter may speed up the former, there is still a lack of control and administration that could provide many benefits.

The reality for sign-off purposes is that until now, realistically, post is the only option. This process is slow, manual, certainly not controlled or audited and expensive! By using the portal the process is automated, hassle-free to your clients and fully controlled and audited by yourselves. The process of client document authorisation is revolutionised.

Virtual Cabinet document management users are able to publish documents to an individual notifying them via an email address. The document is securely uploaded to a hosted environment (or Cloud as people are now calling it) and an email notification sent to the target individual advising them that there is a document for their attention. Users will be able to access and view documents published to them via the portal website.

Shortly after this secure publication release portal users will gain the ability to approve, change the status of, or respond, to portal documents. This rapidly becomes second nature allowing digital/electronic signatures to provide a seamless end-to-end sign off process. Full circle auditing also provides the reassurance of action performed.

In simple terms the complete end to end process is all handled for you – automated, audited and simple.

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