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SRCL use TRAX to aid business process

Thursday, December 01, 2016

SRCL use TRAX to aid business process

SRCL are one of the world's leading healthcare and hazardous waste services companies specialising in protecting people and reducing risk. We work with local and national companies across the public and private sector to improve employee and customer safety, ensure legislative compliance and minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal.

SRCL move hazardous waste through every county council jurisdiction in Ireland working with major hospitals, small dental practices and other sectors within healthcare. The movement of this waste has to be tracked and authorized by each county council and this generates a lot of important documentation. These documents need to be securely filed and accessed by SRCL staff on a regular basis. SRCL decided to implement TRAX to aid this process and now all Waste Transfer Forms along with supporting paperwork are now scanned and accessible to staff instantly. Other important paperwork such as purchase invoices and backup paperwork is also scanned. Because SRCL is part of a multinational organisation, the main business management software and IT infrastructure is located in the United Kingdom, TRAX now resides alongside these systems. Enterprise Imaging Systems provided a simple, affordable solution to greatly improve a very important business process.