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Paper is the curse of many businesses and as a business grows in size, age and complexity, the volume of paper increases. With an increase in paper volume, a robust filing system is required so you can efficiently organise and quickly access the information you require. If you have several different offices or business locations, the problem of filing is further complicated. With a paper-based filing system, it becomes almost impossible to organise and access information in an efficient way.

I can't believe we struggled for years without electronic document management software. TRAX Document Management System provided by Enterprise Imaging Systems has saved us thousands of Euros and many lost hours...

- Mr. Paul Higgins

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The Solution?

TRAX - Electronic Document Management Software is aimed at those who require a system capable of growing with their organisational needs. It is simple to use yet contains the power to cope with all your document management requirements...Read more

Benefits of TRAX Electronic Document Management Software

  • Electronic Filing System
  • Store in excess of 6 million files for less than €100
  • No licence restrictions
  • No more lost files
  • Easy access for your entire organisation

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