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Fujitsu Case Study on Laydex Limited digitising their processes with TRAX.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Fujitsu Case Study on Laydex Limited digitising their processes with TRAX.

Paperwork can cost businesses enormous sums of money through inefficient processes, searching and retrieval and lost paperwork. Receipts and dockets take time to search through, whilst misfiled documents can waste hours of time and posting documents is costly and slow. Read on to find out how a combined solution from Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS) and Fujitsu scanners, helped leading construction materials supplier, Laydex Limited, save time and money by digitising their paper processes.

Northern Ireland based company, Laydex Limited, are distributors of the leading brands of products in construction materials, covering roofing systems, commercial flooring and a wide range of building products and materials. They were looking to automate a number of processes in their accounts department and contacted Fujitsu to see how their range of scanners and software could help them.

There were two main areas in which Laydex Limited relied on slow, inefficient paperwork, the first of which was in the accounts receivable department. Paper delivery dockets were supplied with every delivery, which were signed by the customer as proof of delivery. These paper dockets would then be collected at the trade counter, or by the delivery driver after delivery was complete. The dockets were then filed by day, week and month, in case the customer requested a copy. If a customer requested all delivery dockets for a period of a month, this would take time to retrieve, copy and then post to the customer. The originals would then need to be refiled again.

Fortunately, EIS were able to offer the perfect solution to this problem, with their Trax software and the Fujitsu FI-7160 high-speed scanner. This gave Laydex the ability to quickly scan the returned delivery dockets in batches of 50, utilising the automatic document feeder on the scanner. Once scanned, the digital dockets were processed by the Trax Software, and then automatically filed by docket number, customer name, delivery date. The accounts department is enabled to search and email the dockets directly to customers when requested or even allow the customers direct access to their account software to search for the dockets themselves. What’s more, they can also run a missing dockets report to make sure all delivery dockets have been scanned and filed correctly.

The second area which Laydex wished to automate was in the accounts payable department. Purchase invoices which came via post were filed manually, and emailed purchase invoices would be printed out and also stored manually. By scanning the posted invoices through the Fujitsu FI-7160 scanner, and importing the scanned files and emailed invoices into the Trax software, invoices could be automatically filed under the SAP B1 transaction number and securely stored. Thereby removing the need for manual filing, whilst making access and retrieval instant.

The TRAX document management system from EIS has been installed at over 1,100 companies throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. The system is aimed at those who require a system capable of growing with their organisational needs. It is simple to use yet contains the power to revolutionise the way your business manages documents. TRAX can capture, index, distribute and retrieve documents electronically.

The Fujitsu FI-7160 image scanner is the very latest in scanning technology, with scanning speeds of up to 120 images per minute, capturing every detail at 300 DPI. The scanner has exceptional paper handling, with skew prevention technology, and iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection), which actually listens to the sound of the paper passing through the scanner to automatically pick up any irregularities.

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